Stampin' Up! Masculine Card: The Open Sea
Stampin' Up! Tutorial- Card Making 101, Cutting Card Stock

Stampin' Up! Fun- Move It!

As crafters, we spend a lot of time sitting or standing still while working on creations, searching for ideas on the internet, or blogging about those creative projects.  For most of us, it's a wonderful, giving hobby and for some of us, also a business.  We put a lot of effort into what we are passionate about but not much movement.

And, so dear friends, today I challenge you to get moving!   Do it for you and do it for those that love you!  And, if you are already one of those active folks who are committed to moving everyday---Kudos to you! Keep up the great work.

Whether it's a walk around the block or a trip to the it! You'll feel so much better!

For me, I love ZUMBA... what a workout it is and so much fun!  If you live in the Beaumont area of SE Texas, check out EXYGON Health and Fitness!
Call 409-866-2582 ext 105 and tell them Lisa from ink and inspirations sent you!

Do it for yourself and for those you love!

And, here's something just for fun...Bet you can't sit still!


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Lisa Brown

Thanks for sharing that, Claysey! I was hoping it bring forth a smile!

Claysey Romero

LOL, love the video! When I was teaching in Ghana, we showed the first Madagascar and the kids went around singing "I like to movie, movie" for weeks. What a funny memory! Have a good day, Mrs. Lisa!!

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