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Stampin' Up! Fabulous Florets- An Easy Bookmark Idea

Stampin' Up! Masculine Card Ideas- Introducing Mainly Manly Cards!

If you're looking for

great card making ideas

that you can easily reproduce

for everyone on your card list,

read on...

As a creative paper crafter, you love sharing and sending your creations to your family and friends.  You have many supplies and ideas to create cards with a feminine flair. But, when it comes to making cards for those special guys in your life, you'll try to create something with a masculine feel and often times draw a blank.

How in the world do you create a card for a man
with ribbons, buttons, and floral stamp sets?

Mainly manly cards

You have a few masculine themed stamps and embellishments,
but you are tired of using the same ones
over and over and over again!


In a recent survey
regarding the most difficult type of card
to design and create;
the results yielded a 100% response for...


Masculine Themed Cards!

Your time is precious and when you have a few minutes to craft;
you don't want to spend that time
searching for ideas or deciding on a design

What if you could have access to
fresh ideas for masculine cards

to help save you time
alleviate your frustration?

 Welcome to
Mainly Manly Cards!

Mainly Manly Cards is a bi-weekly email containing inspiring ideas to help you create cards for the men in your life.  

We've done the time consuming work for you.

We've designed masculine themed cards so you can utilize your valuable time to do what you love...create!

Use these ideas to make cards for guys of all ages using supplies that you thought were only for the ladies, and...

Discover how to use masculine themed products in different ways!

Here's How It Works...

Twice a month, you'll receive an email with a link to a completed card project.    

  • You will receive a masculine themed card idea as well as a step by step video tutorial-- a virtual class-- demonstrating the how-to with tips and suggestions.


  • Then, about two weeks later, you'll receive another email with a completed card project with a different take on the previous card's design.  We'll change the color scheme, theme, orientation, etc.


What's the cost for this time-saving, convenient service?

Exclusive online video classes can cost up to $24.95 per class... 

But, Mainly Manly Cards is just $4.95 per month!


That's four dollars and ninety five cents.


For about $1.25 a week, you'll be receiving an online video class and an additional exclusive project idea for the type of card that is the most time-consuming and difficult to create!


As a Mainly Manly Cards member, you will also receive:

HandDrawnStar1My TOP 10 List of Tips on using your traditionally
        feminine - themed supplies on your masculine cards!

HandDrawnStar1ALSO, a video slide show of some of our favorite
        non- traditional masculine card ideas!

HandDrawnStar1PLUS, a list of Five Color Secrets  for masculine themed cards.




 Let's get started!



Priority Subscription Form

YES! I would like to subscribe to Mainly Manly Cards!  

  • I understand I will be billed $4.95 today, and will receive an email twice a month containing links to project ideas for masculine themed cards.
  • I also understand I will be billed $4.95 every 30 days for my continuing subscription.
  • I can cancel at any time with no questions asked.

Warmest regards ...and, I hope you decide to take advantage of this offer!


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