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How Do You Keep Stampin' Up! Paper and Ink Organized?

I recently had a question from a customer regarding organization of Stampin' Up! paper and ink...

I am trying to order paper and ink and get all the colors organized. How do you keep it all in order?


Now for your question on organization....whew!
I have the ink caddy from the catalog for my ink pads.  It is really handy and there is a little tray on top for your reinkers.
I have the little caddy that the complete marker set came in so that keeps those organized.

Now for paper...

I wish I could say that I had one of those fancy-schmancy racks or cubbies for my paper, but I don't.
I have the plastic "rubber maid" drawers (12 x 12) that you can stack and come in sets of three.  Now, it's not real pretty, but it keeps it organized.
I have a drawer dedicated for:
  • each color collection
  •  one for specialty papers like glossy card stock and vellum
  •  two for the neutrals since I have more of that than anything. :)  
Then, I have a drawer for each color collection for my scraps.  I pull from those drawers all the time!  These pieces are great for punching or die cutting with my Big Shot.

Designer paper...

I have a small cart with wheels with large hanging files for my current designer paper. I love it.  I keep it right beneath my work table and can pull from it easily.

The retired or discontinued paper is in another set of those rubber maid drawers.  Since I have to work with and demonstrate the current stuff, I rarely have packs of anything left over but I do keep pieces that are big enough for banner pieces, etc. 
I used to hoard my I try to use it up!

I keep a smaller set of drawers on my work table.  One drawer has Whisper White and Very Vanilla scraps for stamping.  The other two drawers have my Stampin' Up! Envelopes.

I hope that gives you some idea of what works for me.
And, honestly, it's usually a mess in this work room!
But, I'll clean it up and start over when it gets too bad! 
I know where everything is...most of the time...and it works for me. 

If you have a stamping, paper crafting, or Stampin' Up! question that you'd like for me to answer, e-mail me!
I'll share it here!
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