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Stampin' Up! Memorial Day Card and Video Tutorial

Mixed Media- DIY Smooth Texture Paste

DIY Texture Paste Recipe

After posting this Mixed Media project made for my son-in-law, several of you requested the "recipe" for DIY Texture Paste. 

stampin up mixed media
DIY Texture Paste for Mixed Media

I found this recipe after searching Pinterest and have found it to work very well AND economical!

Here it is:

Homemade Smooth Texture Paste

1/4 cup Talcum Powder (I used Johnson's Baby Powder, Make it smell good too!!)

1 tablespoon White All purpose School Glue

1 tablespoon White Craft Paint

Some Water ...Add water to get consistency of toothpaste. 

*Add water in small amounts, not more than a tablespoon or so at a time, until you get the consistency that you want.

Stampin' Up! Mixed Media Cover
DIY Texture Paste for Mixed Media

Add fun texture to your paper crafting and mixed media projects with this DIY Smooth Texture Paste recipe!


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Louise Dahlgren

Finally, a great tutorial. I am so excited to use these ideas. I think I will try using Stickles, too.

Lisa Brown

Hi Trena... yes, you can use different colors. I used ink refills and alcohol mixture.

Trena Willoughby

Can you use differant colors of paint

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