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My Make-Shift Crafting Area

We've been on the road all day and I just finished "somewhat" organizing my make-shift crafting area at our cabin in the Ozarks.  Since my permanent space is still in the planning stage for now, I have to occupy the laundry room with the front load washer and dryer and use every nook and cranny for storage.  Now, mind you, it's not very tidy but it works.  Pics follow--- so brace yourself!

Small space between washer and dryer.

This is my Big Shot station that's a little cramped but serves the purpose.  When we're in Texas, this little gem is stored in a drawer.

Top Drawer of Big Shot Station

 This is the drawer just beneath the Big Shot.  It's pretty shallow but just right for envelopes, note cards, and mailing supplies.

Stamp Drawer

The middle drawer is just the right size to hold all the stamps that I bring with me.  Trying to keep them in alphabetical order!

Framelits, etc.

The bottom drawer holds framelits, some retired stamps, and some rags for messes. ;)

Just below the Dryer!

This is the pedestal drawer below the dryer.  Holds ribbon and embellishments.  A bit messy but I know where everything know what I mean.

Big Shot Dies

Yep, you guessed it.  Here's the pedestal drawer below the washer.  Big Shot dies on the right; finished projects to photograph or give away on the left.

 Maybe one day soon, I'll get pics of the rest of it...maybe.  Do you have a special area place to craft? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Thank you for taking the time to peek into my make-shift crafting area!


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DIANNE Wallace

I use our smallest "bedroom" for my CraftCave! My husband bought me 2 multi-drawer tool chest on rollers. I have my big shot items in 1 chest with the big shot on top and punches & misc in the other. I use a desk in front of the window, paper racks to 1 side of the room and a folding extra table in the middle. I try to alphabetize everything, but that only stays for a few days. I love your tutorials, wish I had a fraction of your creativity. I at present can only CASE what I see and modify projects from there. TFS with us all.

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