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Tuesday Tip- Rubber Stamping 101: First Time Use of Photopolymer Stamps

Tuestip228If you love using photopolymer stamps, this tip will be helpful in preparing your stamps before first use.  The ease and convenience of using these photopolymer stamps in your paper crafting and card making is great.  But, there is a step that I like to take before using my new stamps for the first time.

Let's take a look at the tip video and then we'll talk a little more about it.

If you've ever used photopolymer stamps, brand spankin' new out of the box, you may have possibly noticed an uneven image when stamping.  I've found that if I do the VersaMark trick as seen in the video, I seldom have this problem.  Do I forget sometimes? You bet I do!  I will just clean my stamp and go through the process of inking in VersaMark before giving it another try.

It's a fact that your photopolymer stamps will most likely get stained from your inks.  It's ok.  Just clean after each use and it will be good and ready to go for the next time.  Want to minimize that staining?  Try the VersaMark trick first.  While it doesn't prevent all staining, I've found that it does indeed minimize it.

Here's another tip for anytime you are using photopolymer stamps.  Use a Stampin' Pierce Mat as a cushion.  It will give you even pressure and ink coverage and also protect your work surface.

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For two more Rubber Stamping 101 tips see one here with a markers tip and here for an ink tip.

Give this VersaMark trick a try! I hope you've found this Rubber Stamping 101 tip for photopolymer stamps helpful and I'll see you in the next post.


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