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Organization Tip for Card Makers and Paper Crafters

Cardstock-organization-tipAs a card maker and paper crafter, I'm sure you can relate to the idea of the need for organization regarding card stock.

Let's face it, we deal with a LOT of paper. Big pieces, small pieces, scraps (whatever you want to call it), you need some sort of organization if you plan on actually using it for a project, right?

Today's tip is a "Part 2" to our card stock cutting tip from earlier this month (see it here).  It will speak to the "method to the madness" and you all know what I'm talking about there.  

Let's take a look at the video and maybe it will spark an idea for your space/closet/area where you create.  Let's give it a whirl...


See this organizational tip for card makers and paper crafters on You Tube HERE.

While this idea won't work for everyone, maybe it will be of help in what you can do to make your work and creating area more organized which in turn will help you be more productive.

The plastic storage drawers can be found at most big box stores or at Amazon at the link below:

I have some 12 x 12 stacking drawers to stack most of my full packages and 12 x 12 card stocks and designer papers.

For some beautiful storage options for papers, punches, inks, etc., visit the Stamp-n-Storage site. 

As a card maker and paper crafter, I hope you've found this information organization helpful and I hope you'll share with me your ideas that have proved helpful for you!


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