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Halloween at Home 2020

Halloweenathome.facebook-photoIf you are wanting to have some Halloween fun in your home environment with your family, here are a few ideas that I've compiled.

Get the kids involved making Halloween treat packaging.


Here's a fun idea for a simple Halloween box for a glow stick ring toss game.

201023_project-life-E0E2BC 201023_project-life-0ADDEB
Here's our other granddaughter painting a mini pumpkin with acrylic paint.  It's going to be her "Elsa" pumpkin with jewels.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see the finished masterpieces!

IMG_4546Try this fun mummy wrap game with an inexpensive roll of crepe paper!


Make every snack or meal a party!  Drape a Halloween themed plastic table cloth over your table!

Halloween-tableIt's easy to make your own fun and encourage your kids to use their imaginations and creative talents!

Here are a couple of other ideas:

  • Make a pin the nose on the pumpkin game.  (Who remembers pin the tail on the donkey?)Draw and paint or color a pumpkin on a piece of poster board.  Draw in eyes and mouth but leave off nose.  Cut black card stock noses, blindfold the participants and have them attempt to put the nose on the pumpkin!  Use tape or glue dots to get the noses to stick.
  • Have an indoor scavenger hunt.  Find  some fun lists by searching for "Free indoor scavenger hunt printable".

Enjoy some safe and fun Halloween activities by using some of these activities or creating some of your own.  Happy Halloween at Home! -- Lisa :)


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