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Card Making Tip: Futurecasting and Card Making

FuturecastinYou are probably wondering about this tip regarding futurecasting and card making

By futurecasting, I am referring to planning ahead for some event or special occasion in the future.  There may be certain supplies or stamp sets that are will be just what you need that is available now but may not be available at the time of the occasion or event.

It will be more clear once you see the video below.

That particular set that was shown in the video has been retired for a while.  I am so glad that I made that investment...I've used it on several occasions! And, this isn't the only set or supply that I've purchased because I felt that I would want/need it at some point.

Here are some other examples of futurecasting for cardmaking:

With the Stampin' Up! Last Chance Promotion going on now, it's a good time for you to check those items and futurecast for your cardmaking or scrapbooking!

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Thank you for tuning in today for this idea and tip about futurecasting and cardmaking and I'll "see" you tomorrow for another cardmaking idea and video tutorial.


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