Embrace the Spirit of the Season: A December Full of Joyful Activities!

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As the wind begins to chill and the scent of cinnamon and baking cookies fill the air, it's time to jump into the festive spirit of December. Here are some heartwarming activities to add to your calendar, perfect for creating cherished memories during the most wonderful time of the year:

  • Caroling Delight: Gather friends and family for a magical evening of caroling in your neighborhood. Bring the joy of Christmas right to the doorstep of your community.

  • Crafting Magic Moments: Engage in Christmas crafts with your children or grandchildren. Try handmade ornaments with your crafting supplies and create timeless keepsakes.

  • Deck the Halls: Transform your home into a winter wonderland with delightful decorations. Use your creative knowledge and fill every corner with the season's warmth.

  • Candlelit Church Socials: Attend church socials and festivities for a spiritual and heartwarming experience. The unity and love shared during these events truly capture the essence and spirit of Christmas.

  • Harmony in the Air: Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of Christmas concerts. Whether it's a local choir or a grand symphony, let the music of the season resonate in your heart.

  • Sparkling Tree Lightings: Witness the magic of your town coming alive with the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. Attend tree lighting ceremonies for a special start to the holiday season.

December is not just a month; it's a collection of moments that become treasured memories. Embrace these activities to make your holiday season truly special and stay tuned for more ideas from Ink and Inspirations to help make your holiday extra special!

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The Great Gratitude Card Challenge - Let's Send 100 Cards!

Gratitude Card ChallengeAre you up for the Challenge?
In our creative community, the Ink and Inspirations Stampers Group on Facebook, we've set a heartwarming goal to send out at least 100 cards expressing gratitude.

The twist?

We aim to achieve this collective goal in the next two weeks. With over 800 members in our fantastic group, we believe this is more than achievable!

Join us and let's make this world a brighter, happier place one card at a time. If you are not a member of our group, click here to request free membership.  All you need to do then is answer two simple questions!

Look for the photo in the group announcing the challenge (as seen above) and to participate, post the number of cards you send or hand out as you send them. Together, we can reach that magic number - 100 cards by November 4th.

Let's do this!

17 Years! Can't Believe It!

Donut(1)It's my 17th Stampin' Up! Anniversary this week!
Let's celebrate with a fun giveaway!
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Discovering the Joy of Stamping and Memory-Keeping: My Journey with Stampin' Up!


Everyone has their unique story of how they got started with stamping. Today, I want to share my own journey and how I discovered the joy of stamping and memory-keeping.

Back when our girls were in high school, they were involved in numerous extracurricular activities, which meant we had a ton of photos to cherish. Alongside their school activities, they were also passionate about dance classes, resulting in even more precious memories captured through photographs.

Realizing I had all these wonderful moments captured on film, I decided it was time to do something with them. Although I had dabbled in scrapbooking as a young girl, it had been years since I engaged in any serious memory-keeping.

In the spring of 2006, my daughter invited me to a rubber stamping party hosted by her friend. I had never heard of Stampin' Up! before, and I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of rubber stamps. Little did I know that this event would completely change my perspective.

As soon as I inked up that first stamp and pressed it onto the paper, I was hooked. We created a cute card, and I instantly recognized the creativity and versatility of stamping. I realized that cards would always come in handy, and I wanted to explore this newfound passion further. My daughter and I decided to place an order together so we could share our new "stash" of stamping supplies.

But it didn't stop there. A short time later, the same demonstrator who hosted the party reached out to me and informed me about the Starter Kit, an opportunity to get even more stamping goodies. Intrigued by the idea, I didn't hesitate to invest in the kit. I was eager to expand my collection and explore new creative possibilities. The demonstrator also mentioned that becoming a demonstrator myself was an option, though I initially had no plans to demonstrate anything.

When I received my Starter Kit, I was filled with excitement. I couldn't wait to incorporate stamps into my scrapbooking projects and create beautiful cards. Then, one day, my demonstrator friend asked me to conduct a "party" on her behalf. Initially hesitant, I eventually agreed, and that experience sparked a deep love and passion for sharing the art of stamping with others.

Now, almost 18 years later, I continue to share my passion for stamping. It's incredible how one invitation to a rubber stamping party completely transformed my perspective and opened up a world of creativity and connection. I genuinely love what I do and the joy it brings to others.

Today is my 17th anniversary with Stampin' Up!  Never would I have imagined that I would be part of a thriving crafting community for this many years and develop so many special relationships all because of stamps, ink, and paper.

I'd like to invite you to join this wonderful stamping community. This is the 35th anniversary year of Stampin' Up! and there is a special offer this month to join our community of stampers.  We would love to have you join our Stars Team. Read more about it HERE.

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Taking the First Step: Join Our Stampin' Up! Community

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Are you ready to step into the world of creativity, fun, and endless possibilities? If you've been considering becoming a Stampin' Up Demonstrator but have hesitated to take that first step, now is the perfect time to dive in. Let me assure you that you won't be taking that step alone; I'll be right there with you every step of the way!

Starting something new can be intimidating, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Whether you're an avid crafter looking to share your passion or want to make some extra income doing what you love,  our community is here to support you.

Stampin' Up!'s 35th Anniversary Celebration

To sweeten the deal and make your decision even easier, Stampin' Up! is celebrating its 35th Anniversary in style. As part of this special occasion, we're offering an incredible opportunity for new Demonstrators.
Option 1: Join our Stampin' Up! community and receive 35% off the usual $99 Starter Kit, bringing the cost down to just $64.35. That's $125 in product for $64.35.

But that's not all! You can also choose Option 2!  Pay the regular $99 and receive a whopping 35% more in your Starter Kit, which means up to $168.75 worth of your favorite Stampin' Up! products.

Why Join Our Community?

When you become a Demonstrator with us, you're not just joining a team; you're becoming part of a crafting family. Here are some fantastic reasons to take that first step with us:

  1. Support and Guidance: As your mentor, I'll be here to guide you, answer your questions, and provide valuable tips and insights.

  2. Exclusive Access: Enjoy sneak peeks, early access to new products, and the chance to purchase them before anyone else.

  3. Flexibility: Work at your own pace, on your schedule. This is your business, and you're in control.

  4. Community: Connect with fellow Demonstrators who share your passion for crafting and creativity.

If you're intrigued by the idea of joining our Stampin' Up! community and want to learn more, I'd love to chat with you. Feel free to email me at [email protected] for additional information or to discuss any questions you may have.

Don't let hesitation hold you back from an exciting new adventure. Take that first step today and let's embark on this creative journey together!

24 Hours Remaining!

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There are only 12 hours remaining to sign up to receive the 12 Weeks of Christmas!

The 12 weeks of exclusive Christmas project idea are delivered straight to the inboxes of our email subscribers. These emails will feature photos and instructions to help you craft your way into the holiday spirit.

Here's a sneak peek of what's in store:

 Weeks 1-5: Christmas card ideas to spread holiday cheer.

Weeks 6-9: Creative gift ideas to delight your loved ones. 

Weeks 10-12: Bags, tags, and wraps to make your presents shine.

Don't miss out on this festive fun! Join the Ink and Inspirations email list now to ensure you receive these exclusive holiday crafting inspirations in your inbox.

You only have 24 hours remaining to sign up for the 12 Weeks of Christmas!


Gratitude: The Powerful Art of Thankfulness

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Gratitude, the simple act of being thankful and appreciative, is a powerful force that can transform lives. It's more than just saying "thank you" when someone holds the door for you or hands you a gift; it's a mindset, a way of looking at the world with appreciation. The importance of expressing gratitude cannot be overstated, as it has a profound impact on our well-being, relationships, and overall happiness.

Gratitude shifts our focus from what we lack to what we have. It encourages us to see the positive aspects of our lives, no matter how small they may seem. This change in perspective can significantly improve our mood and overall outlook.

When we express gratitude towards others, whether through words or actions, it strengthens our connections. People appreciate being acknowledged and valued, and this can lead to more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.  Our handmade cards expressing gratitude really can make a difference.

Gratitude has been shown to reduce stress and increase feelings of relaxation. When we focus on the good things in our lives, our stress levels decrease.  Let's try to look on the bright side!

With all the positivity associated with gratitude, let's make an effort to use our craft to spread it far and wide.  And, we can take notice of all that we have to be grateful for. 

In a world that can sometimes feel chaotic, expressing gratitude is a simple yet profound way to find moments of peace and happiness. It's a reminder that even on the toughest days, there are things to be thankful for. So, take a moment each day to reflect on the blessings in your life, express your appreciation to those around you, and watch as gratitude transforms your world.

Mystery Gift Week!


This week, Jackie and I will be attending the Stampin' Up! Leadership conference in Las Vegas.

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A Mistake and Why This Is Still On My Bucket List!

Quotes(9)In the months and weeks just prior to my dad's passing last year, he often talked about how wonderful life is. He would tell us, "It's a Wonderful Life. Enjoy it! Every day you wake up; it's wonderful. Make the most of every day."

I can't tell you how many times he repeated that to us. He wanted to be sure that we understood and cherished our time with family and had many enjoyable experiences.

Shortly after his passing, my husband told me if there is something that you really want to do, we need to do it! We need to enjoy our life.  Taking that cue from my dad, we didn't want to let time pass without experiencing those things that we really wanted to do together and with our family.

I must mention that I had started a bucket list prior to this time. And, on that list was to ride in a one-horse open sleigh. So I started looking for opportunities to make that happen.

Then, some good friends of ours invited us to join them on a trip out west to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore, to Big Sky Montana to experience a part of that beautiful state,  and then down through Wyoming and on to Estes Park, Colorado.
Surely, I thought, there may be a chance to find a one-horse open sleigh ride excursion at one of those stops. We were going to be traveling at the end of winter... we might be able to make my sleigh ride happen!

I started searching the Internet and found a place in Keystone, that had sleigh rides excursions. We all agreed that it would be fun! It was a sleigh ride to a restaurant where we could enjoy dinner before riding in the sleigh back to our vehicles. We reserved it right away and all were excited about this part of our trip!

Our first big stop was in South Dakota near Keystone.  When we checked into our hotel, we said "Where's the snow?" (I felt like the two couples in White Christmas while disembarking the train in Vermont!) The admissions clerk replied, "Well, we haven't had snow in a while!"  to which I replied, "Well, we're supposed experience a sleigh ride in Keystone.  He had never heard of it. (Insert Red Flag here.)
Our friend said, "Oh, don't worry. We'll find the location tomorrow morning."

Morning came and we started looking at a map trying to find the location of this sleigh ride. We just couldn't find it anywhere. My friend noticed there was a Keystone, Colorado, too. So, I called to let them know that we were having trouble finding where to meet for the sleigh ride...in Keystone, SD.  She responded, "it's on a main highway in Colorado!"

 "Colorado??? I'm in South Dakota!!!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am.  This is Keystone, Colorado."

Oh my goodness. What a mistake!

Now, just to give me a little credit, the email confirmation for the sleigh ride DID NOT mention Colorado...anywhere! Nor was it mentioned on the site.

I was not a seasoned traveler. I had no idea that there was a Keystone, Colorado. She said we should have known by the area code! (No way!)  After some communication with this company and the credit card company, we received a partial refund.  What a mistake! But, now we just laugh about it!

So, that item is still on my bucket list and you can imagine what a reminder it was when Stampin' Up! released the One Horse Open Sleigh Suite!  Stay tuned as we share projects with the Horse and Sleigh Bundle and the One Horse Open Sleigh Designer Series Paper this week!


It's Time for A Mystery Reward Event!


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Tax Free Holiday Information 2023

Tax-free-holiday-dates-statesIt's back-to-school time again and a few states are offering their Tax Free Holiday on certain items which can be considered as school supplies.

For most of the states listed above, that includes Stampin' Up! items such as adhesives, markers, watercolor pencils, grid paper, and our fabulous Paper Snips!

Get the details and specifics for each state on this PDF--->Tax Free Holiday Information

States-tax holiday

Alabama...it's your turn!  Get the details and what qualifies for the tax-free holiday on this PDF.

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Hello July!


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There are exciting things happening starting tomorrow, July 6th!

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